Monday, December 20, 2010



1. Start with 12x12 inch PAPER. (I use a Carl Cutter and could not live without
one! You can get a good 10 or more sheets of d.s.p. paper cut at a time!)and card stock too!!
(CARL Heavy duty series dc-210/12")
D.S.P. ( NEWSPRINT, DECK THE HALLS, & and retired Old Olive d.s.p.)

2. CUT your 12x12 down to 10x10.

3. CUT that in half 2 directions so you should have 4 stacks of
5x5 inch paper.

4-5. Now...I picked up some very old SHEET MUSIC from a THRIFT STORE.
I needed a filler ( so to speak) To make my beautiful d.s.p. stretch a little. Well okay stretch a whole lot!!!

6. CUT THIS DOWN to the same measurement 5x5 inches. Save scraps! I'll Explain later!

to cut out around 160 scalloped circles. Wowzer!;)
Yes-I just went downstairs where it is hanging and counted for you! :)
I might be off by only a couple he!
With the BIG SHOT you can crank out a good amount a time!! Lovely :)

8. I used smooth card stock too. In CHERRY COBBLER and OLD OLIVE.

9. START ROLLING into a cone.
HINT: I found that just before if I would mist my paper with my water bottle it made it soo easy
to wrap into a cone and kinda stuck to my fingers staying in place better. Nice trick-trust me!

STAPLE AT BOTTOM. Stapling holds better than adhesive is cheaper and quicker!
If you click on Pic to enlarge on No.9 you can see at the bottom of the cone it has one scallop.
I made most of them layered with 2 sheets of various papers.

10. Here is that pic again!

11. See how much larger No.11 is? So all different shapes.
I used a wet strong adhesive to adhere my SU GLASS GLITTER.

12. I alternated with CHAMPAGNE and SILVER GLASS
because I wanted to keep this for a while...and I'd like it to go with both colors at Christmas time.
Plus...I just like the look of the two mixed as well.

13. You betcha I'm gonna whip out my TEXTURE PLATES!!
My favorite-love em! I used the SQUARE LATTICE FOLDER.
then lightly sponged SHIMMER PAINT in champagne Mist to pick up the top
dimension of the embossed paper.

14. I found it was easiest to lay them all down as I went to get an idea of how it will look
And the placement of colors etc...

15. Find what ever you can to trace a circle onto FOAM CORE. (your wreath base)
I picked my foam core up at Hobby Lobby ( craft store ). And I used a cross stitch hoop I had to trace my first circle.
It measured 10" round.

16. Then I took a straight blade or ( you know those things you use to open up packages?
The longer skinny ones?) I used that to roughly cut 2 1/2 inches around that circle for the outer most circle.

HELPFUL HINT: My finished wreath ended up being a 22 inch circle at it's widest point.
And an 8-9 inch circle in the middle.

STOP!! I didn't do 2 things I wish I had.
ONE-you should glue down random scraps you have left over on to the wreath base.
I would have used the sheet music scraps so that you can't see any of the foam core
and so that it all blends and looks nice. Like wrap around the edge a bit.
Especially...if you are hanging on a mirror which I have done. Cool look-very pretty!!
TWO-you should wrap the ribbon ( you choose to hang it with ) around your wreath base FIRST!
BEFORE you start gluing the scalloped cones on.
I did not do these 2 steps-wish I did! That's what happens when you figure it all out as you go!

17. In this I said, I laid them all out first. Then I placed the hoop I traced my circle with
to see how far out to place them. To give me a rough idea.

18. Dust off that trusty ole glue gun and put that baby to work!
Don't start a big wreath like this without a good package of glue sticks. I went through about a half pack or more.
Start HOT GLUING them all down!

19. LAYER INWARD. I pointed mine a little off here and there so things weren't so perfect and

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Get to desired fullness-And you're DONE!!

Have fun making a gorgeous wreath! These are stunning!!
and so fun to make!

Please leave me a comment-
I would love to hear from my blog friends:)
Merry Christmas ya'll!

TOODLES!! Angela!

Sunday, December 19, 2010



YAY check off my "crafty-DO" list of things I wanted to make this Holiday Season.
I just knew when I saw this baby-well...not THIS one but one hanging in the Stampin'Up! building
and all the other GORGEOUS paper wreaths and trees and all sorts of fun things made outta paper
I just had to make one!

I had no clue ware to start though? I wondered is it on a flat piece?
Or a foam wreath?? And I searched and searched on line and could not find
a good tutorial or a free one and was off to figuring it all out myself.
Can't be too hard right? That is what I tell myself each time I start a project.
Bwaaa-! ...Anyway...

So when making this project I took LOTS of pics so I could make a tutorial for
all of you!!
My blog friends!!!

Right now we are off to Family's house for get togethers!!
But when I come back I will have some more goodies
and a tutorial to follow!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday Season!!
Thanks for the sweet comments and new faces!

Take care everyone!!!

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