Friday, July 30, 2010

Hi! Welcome to the hop! ( Artisan Entry #1)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

All of us Artisans can finally post our Award Winning Entries!!
Convention is over...and time that we can post our stuff.
Hope you have fun and check back!
Each day we will post something new.

If you are following the hop you have arrived here from
Renee Ballard's blog

and now to mine...

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This card has an overall Wedding feel.
Reminds me of Cakes and formal things...
I am posting my fave card first...
I don't know why it just is?

Hope you like!!:)

In case you get lost along the way the complete list of hops is on our Hostess's Blog!

Heather Van Duker.

"Thanks for organizing and Hosting this Heather doll!"

"Thanks for stopping by...I'd love to hear what you think!" ;)
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Deadline Day!

Getting my projects done was a large tackle!
On a last minute decision to do it-and with a pretty new baby?
Good thing for naps and good husbands!!!
Those spare seconds flew and as I wrapped up all my entries and literally
kissed those babies good bye-I had only one hour before Stampin'Up closed.
(On deadline day.):/
I knew I still had to (atleast) get pics. Since we agree to not get our projects
So I was racing around my house falling over stuff grabbing things so fast,
running outside throwing my projects on random benches etc... trying to get
a "couple" decent pics of each thing!
Oh-and of corse the wind was blowing at tornado speeds and my projects
were blowing all over the darn place!
I managed...and raced in my car with
my 2 big boxes and handed them in to the front desk and looked at the time
and it was 10 minutes to five o clock!
Wheww... When I got back in my car I think I fainted from fatigue or fell asleep!
One or the other.
I called my husband and said "I'm back...Let's Celebrate!"

Winner or not...
What a challanging felt good.

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A night to Remember...

Here is a picture of our table at Cucina Toscana.

Each place setting had this gorgeous MENU that coordinated with the
Invitations we recieved for this event prior and the little gift box sitting above
each place setting.
Each box had one of our names on it.
And a special gift inside.

This dinner is one I will never forget. It is so special to me. I felt so honored. Shelly and Brent made such a point
to make us feel so special and to accept the honor it truly is to be one of Stampin'Ups Artisans.
They said first thing when we all sat down (and were probably all a little nervous being in the high standard of company
we were with)...And they just broke the ice and said, "We just want to get to know you all better." And from there it was
a pleasure. Wow to eat a fantastic dinner and Chat with the Cofounder and CEO of Stampin'Up! Shelli, and her sweet husband. And also
the guy over all Stampin'Up's Art dep and catalog production the main dude to be slang!!! And his beautiful wife Angela was to good to
be true!! It felt amazing. We also got to meet 2 concept Artist and chat with them on the process of the Catalogs and all the fun
stuff they make to go in them!
Wow what a treat.

It was also such a treat to meet my fellow Artisans!!!
To think that we all share the same passions for creating and love for what we do.

And these people are amazing. All so nice...I was SO excited to meet everyone.

Here are some very dear to my heart gifts I recieved:

A Sterling Silver bracelet with a Heart Pennant. On the back has the words engraved:
Stampin'Up! Artisan 2010

A personal message and letter signed by Shelli herself.
( The message and words mean a lot to me!!)

And a one of a kind Stamp designed just for us!!! By Brent himself!
With our names on it.
Wow. It is truly beautiful. I will always treasure it.
and use it too! hehe
it says;
Handcrafted by
Angela Timms
Stampin'Up Artisan 2010.

In the slang words my family likes to use...;) he he
" They don't mess around!"
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Decor Stencils

NEW! Canterbury Crest ( Stencil ) $9.95

-On a wall
-On Fabric
and I also use on paper!
-for scrapbook layouts, gift bags, etc...

Mostly vintage ( Set of 2 ) Stencil $9.95
( showing on memory Board.)

Greenhouse Gala (Paper).
Friends 24-7 ( Stamp Set ).
and more...

Antique Brads.
Crochet Trim ribbon.
prety-Seam binding.
Designer buttons neutrals.

Contact me for questions on product!
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NEW fabric and large buttons!

Candy Cane Christmas


Tree Topper made with Fabric!
So cute!

Do you love this fabric?
Or what?
Oh and we have paper that matches!
And ribbon that perfectly coordinates!
Yep! perfect world isn't it?
And let's not forget those big chunky-yum buttons!!
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Christmas in July

Here is a sneak peak at an ornament made with.
new product in our Fall mini.

NEWBells & Boughs Stamp Set

NEW Deck the Halls Fabric
gorgeous NEW 1/2" Seam Binding.
That's is so pretty!

Available Sep1 2010-Feb 3 2011
Contact me if you want a copy! :)

Decor Stencils
-Mostly Vintage-

This cute ornament was made using
Snowflake #2 Die.
Chunky Essentials Glitter!
comes in a pack of 4 great colors;Siver, Black, Red and Clear.
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More Goodies!

Want to make these fun paper strawberries??
Or something else you see on my blog?
Just Contact me! I have work shops and Clubs. ;)
I'd love to have you come!
They are super fun!!

1-1/4" Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

Available in 11 colors!

In the new 2010-2011 Idea Book and Catalog. $9.95
Contact me for a copy!!

New paper!
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Friends Never Fade Boxes & Designer Buttons!

NEW Core Color-Dffodil Delight!

Friends Never Fade Stamp Set.

This set is so awesome.
I will be posting more with this set.
It is one of my new favorite sets!!

Our Designer buttons!

They come in 4 different color choices with 72 buttons in each!!

They coordinate beautifully with our colors of ribbon paper!

72 buttons; 4 ea.of 3 designs in 6 colors. $8.95

& Neutrals

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Definitely Decorative 2010

Comes in white Crumb Cake, and Chocolate.

This is our vinyl.

It is the highest quality!

Our images are stunning and make a great statement!!

If you want to remove does not leave any yucky residue
It comes off easily and is clean!

We have a large selection of GORGEOUS images.

Do you want to see more?? Contact me and I will send you
the new 2010 Definitely Decorative pamphlet!
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Flower Folds & Blossom Party Big shot die

Aren't these lovely?
Just one version you can make with your die.

These are made with paper and are absolutely stunning!!

I have also seen and made myself ones made with FABRIC too-so fun!
If you have any questions I'm willing to help!!

Just contact me!

The very vanilla and grey flowers are made with the

My fave brads now...
Antique Brads!!

&Crochet Ribbon! Yum.

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NEW! Gorgeous d.s.p. "LOVE LETTER"

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Box sample on the covor of the new CAT!

Ohhh...this is so pretty!I am so going to use this
as inspiration for a Halloween box this fall for my workshops!!
I would not change a thing on "this" baby.
It is sheer perfection!

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