Friday, July 30, 2010

A night to Remember...

Here is a picture of our table at Cucina Toscana.

Each place setting had this gorgeous MENU that coordinated with the
Invitations we recieved for this event prior and the little gift box sitting above
each place setting.
Each box had one of our names on it.
And a special gift inside.

This dinner is one I will never forget. It is so special to me. I felt so honored. Shelly and Brent made such a point
to make us feel so special and to accept the honor it truly is to be one of Stampin'Ups Artisans.
They said first thing when we all sat down (and were probably all a little nervous being in the high standard of company
we were with)...And they just broke the ice and said, "We just want to get to know you all better." And from there it was
a pleasure. Wow to eat a fantastic dinner and Chat with the Cofounder and CEO of Stampin'Up! Shelli, and her sweet husband. And also
the guy over all Stampin'Up's Art dep and catalog production the main dude to be slang!!! And his beautiful wife Angela was to good to
be true!! It felt amazing. We also got to meet 2 concept Artist and chat with them on the process of the Catalogs and all the fun
stuff they make to go in them!
Wow what a treat.

It was also such a treat to meet my fellow Artisans!!!
To think that we all share the same passions for creating and love for what we do.

And these people are amazing. All so nice...I was SO excited to meet everyone.

Here are some very dear to my heart gifts I recieved:

A Sterling Silver bracelet with a Heart Pennant. On the back has the words engraved:
Stampin'Up! Artisan 2010

A personal message and letter signed by Shelli herself.
( The message and words mean a lot to me!!)

And a one of a kind Stamp designed just for us!!! By Brent himself!
With our names on it.
Wow. It is truly beautiful. I will always treasure it.
and use it too! hehe
it says;
Handcrafted by
Angela Timms
Stampin'Up Artisan 2010.

In the slang words my family likes to use...;) he he
" They don't mess around!"
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