Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Rosette Wreath

Here is a project we made at a recent class.
It was so much fun to put together.:)
Thank goodness for the SIMPLY SCORED tool!
I love it!

The stamp set I used is HAND-PENNED.
It's in the holiday mini right now and I think it
is gorgeous!

I used a mixture of elements for the centers.
Antique brads
Designer Buttons...they are a yummy chunk-ness of
1-1/2" I might add! And I love that!

pearls & twine.

And for the center of this one below I layered
a brad with a punched out piece of Early Espresso that I
made using the
Kinda a fun way to use the border punch.

This little guy is a
I really like these they come in handy!
I used one here
and here
for these projects.

Hope you all are having a wonderful time crafting
and doing fun holiday traditions-isn't this time of year the best!
I just love it!


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween Tag

This is sadly the only thing I was able to make this Halloween Season-
one of my fave holidays..
I whipped these up so quick with some yummy treats!

I have recently had 2 classes.
ONE we made a FALL WREATH using the new SIMPLY SCORED tool!

that I am excited to share with you!

Happy crafting!


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I just had to show you this HOUSE!

This couple thought out and made most of what you see.


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This house was over the top!
So creatively put together but in such a clean and classy way.
And I'm feeling a vintage vibe...
I love it!!
If I could snap my fingers and have my house any way
at Halloween it would look exactly like this house.
How cute!!

This was in our Neighborhood.

I think Mishea is waiting VERY patiently for Kiyah to give her one. :)
And I think my little hoarder is still trying to decide if she wants to.
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Look at these twins!

Here is little Kiyah with her friend Mishea on HALLOWEEN.

Kiyah my daughter (on left) Mishea (on right)
Kiyah was a cheetah/cat and Mishea a spider.
But you KNOW we had to have them all frilly still!!!

Maybe these 2 will end up being the best of friends like their mommies!! :)
This is one of my closest friends daughter. They are only 4 months apart.
Ha! And again we are expecting girls and this time only a month apart!

But we're not
Nope no!

It was so fun to see them "trick or treating" together.
Except... how do I get her off this treat thing now??

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet Stitches Magnet board/Home Decor

Here is a Magnet board I made out of an
old Cabinet door-using the Sweet Stitches fabric.

I used 4 STAMPIN'UP! DIES and my BIG SHOT.

Scallop Squares Duo
Tasteful Trim
Circles # 2
Serif Essentials Alphabet

Since they cut through fabric and felt!!
Love that.

I also love how the button button stamp set matches the fabric.
So I made some mini button magnets
out of the

Button Button Stamp Set
and the Buttons #5 Sizzlits Dies
-with coordinating paper colors.

Here is a mini cupcake pincushion I made out of this fabric too!!
And a tutorial to follow...

I will be showing more projects I made out of our fabulous fabric
for this last Convention.

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I found this cool old kitchen cabinet door at an antique shop and thought
it would be fun to use to make a mag board out of it to hang in a sewing area craft room ext...
It's all about thinking outside the box these days right?

This was one of the samples at this last Convention.
If you saw it.

1. I started with the old cabinet door and picked up 2, 12 by 12 magnet board
pieces to fit inside.

2. I randomly pieced together different chunks of the Sweet Stitches Fabric
and looked to see how it would look.

3. Then I sewed them all together with the basic 1/4 inch seam allowance.

4. Once that was all finished and pressed. I placed the applique pieces I wanted to
put on top to see how they would look.

5. I cut out a square of the stitching pattern and ironed on to fusible batting.

6. Then folded the edges over and pressed.

7-8-9. I then added a little piece of FELT from this fabric shop that matched
the Tangerine Tango color very well. I love their selection of felt!
I cut it using our Scallop Squares Duo Stampin Up die.
and pinned some pins into it.
( The felt scallop square I did not sew, I just pinned on).
For the zigzag detail:
I used the Tasteful Trim SU Die
A piece of felt again with iron on adhesive already ironed onto it and cut it out
at the same time so that I could just iron it onto the fabric.
After peeling off the paper backing.

10. I then took an oversize piece of med-heavy fusible batting, and put it over the inside lip of the cabinet
front. Tracing exactly along the line. Then cut along that line.

11-12. Then I just centered the main fabric piece I had quilted. Over the cut out batting.
And centered to my liking.

Glued it all together with trusty-ole super glue and viola!!
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Monday, October 10, 2011


Where in the heck have I been?
I have some good news...and a fun pic to show you of my
It's also one of my product shots for my Accessory business.
Which has taken up most all of my free time-or "minutes" a day!

Here is one of my bows and my daughter over summer. She is 16 months here.

K...and for the good news...
We're pregnant again...and it's a girl...again...l.o.l.!!!!!!!

I have spent my whole summer
kinda...well REALLY...sick.
Unfortunately for me my 1st trimesters are so
miserable I tell myself...never again...never again...
Ha! but I know it's not true. :)
there will be an "again" -I just can't think about it
at the time.

So...I'm getting the itch so bad to create!
I'm feeling great now and am past the initial nausea.

I have a long awaited Stampin' Up order coming and some fun classes planned
for the Holidays
and I am just so happy to be able to get creating again!

I have some fun projects I made for Convention samples
( with our SU FABRIC !)
and some highlights of Convention INSPIRATION that I'm gonna catch up on.

Thanks for stopping by

TOODLES!! -Angela
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Oh MY!!

Was CONVENTION 2011 a blast!!
I am so excited to share with you some fun projects I have made lately.

This cupcake has nothing to do with convention...but is just something I made that I
have been dying to share with y'all!

WHERE in the heck have I been ( some of you ) might ask!
And have asked me!!!
Ahh...I opened my own (high end couture hair accessory business) that has just
taken off...thus TAKEN UP MOST OF MY TIME.
Which is great! But unfortunately I have not been able to post much on my blog.
My little sweetie keeps me SO BUSY too, that I have just not been able to share on here.
As much as I would like to. :)

I am in such the STAMPIN'UP! mood-you could say...
well...I always am
but seeing all the beautiful projects and yes...we Convention go-ers gotta see
the NEW 2011 HOLIDAY mini catalog!!

And that ALWAYS gets me SUPER excited for projects for future events and
classes I will be holding!
To make fun homemade gifts for the holidays.
OH-do I LOVE our products! LOVE-LUV.

Well I also love our "SWEET STITCHES" fabric!
And so I was SUPER EXCITED to see it carried over into the NEW 2011-2012 Idea Book and Catalog!

I had this "cupcake pincushion" pattern from Sandi Hendersen
in my stash of patterns...and I've been dying to make it!
It is a super fun decoration I have added to my sewing/craft room.

I used all three fabrics that come in the SWEET STITCHES SU designer fabric.
A little scrap of
another fabric, and some, "chocolate chip" colored felt on the sides.
The stinkin C-U-T-E- pins on top
are (handmade) by an etsy seller...
And I got the felt from my favorite local quilt shop.
Material Girls/ South Jordan UT

Ahh...tell me what ya think!
If you were able to go-tell me how convention went!
Heck-tell me anything l.o.l. and just say hello peeps!!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

HAVE A SEAT sweet friend

I'm feeling some BAJA LOVE!!!!
this color is sooo pretty.

This card today is the same layout we used recently at my last CARD CLUB.
It is so simple but I love it!

Ahh...Springtime is just around the corner...

The flower embellishment is

I just love the dimension and detail of the FLOWERS-
(They come in 3 different colors and in a pack of 24! Loven em:)
For this card it has become my little ROSETTE PILLOW
for the bench.

HAVE A SEAT & HELLO, YOU ( a free celebration set right now!!)
Ain't' that great?
I looove both of these sets.

The card base is 5 by 5 inches.
And the top layer that is stamped is 3 3/8" inches







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Thursday, March 10, 2011

SO HAPPY FOR YOU Baby Scrapbook Page

Here is the last Scrap book Page I designed for S U Regionals.
It is such a simple design!
I'm pretty sure Shanna and Heather ( some of my girl friends:-and stamp Divas )
will let me get away with saying that I created something simple.
I did. right????
Ha! Anyway...

No but for some reason I love clean scrapbook pages.
Or pages that the picture is the main
focal point at least and everything around it just compliments it.

I used my big shot to cut the card stock and chip board
with the
I don't want to sound like a broken record to ya'll when I say just HOW OFTEN
I really USE my BIG SHOT!!!
...but then I do...cuz I love it!
Love it love it love it!!

here is another fun project using the ALPHABET SIMPLE die
to make some baby blocks-if ya wanna take a look!

Photos were from
my loving adorable friend and cousin
she just blows my mind!
This is her little sweetie-only 2 months older than mine:)

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

SWEET SUMMER Scrapbook Page

Here is another sample for Regionals-using the Sale-a-bration
stamp set called SWEET SUMMER

Oh this little girl is so cute!
I stamped the leaves and used my
-Ahh yes... gotta have some dimension:)

I used...


These really are both such beautiful colors.
Now that we have soft suede as a Stampin' Up Neutral I just don't know how we
did without it!
And I love the Blush Blossom for more of
an earthy pink.

I whipped out my sewing machine to make some
And added some of the pretty BASIC PEARLS to each little flower.:)
I did spray some shimmer paint on to it too-which you can't see to well in this
pic though, for some pretty glimmer!

To do that with the shimmer paint...if you haven't...or didn't know...:)
Here's how...
You mix 3 parts rubbing alcohol to 1 part water in a little water bottle
preferably with a fine mist nozzle...then just drop in some drops of
your SHIMMER PAINT. I use the CHAMPAGNE MIST color ( my fave) and end up putting
maybe 1/4 teaspoon in a little mini water bottle.
( the more you add-the more glittery.)

It sprays onto the card stock and looks sooo pretty.
The point of the alcohol is to help it dry in the air as it sprays so it doesn't
soak your card stock but transports you glitter in a delicate and soft way as
apposed to sponging which is a heavier look.


Hey ya'll where does time go?
I sure as heck don't know??
Ahh-well it's off to bed e bye!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank you! Stylish Blogger Award :)

Oh did it make my day to get on the computer today and see that I had received this award
2 amazingly creative people...

To ya girls!

Jayme's blog...Closet Stampin
Jamie's blog... Shabby Horse

here's whatcha do-I hear

When you receive this award you are to pay it forward and follow these rules:
1) Thank the person who gave the award and link it back to their blog.
2) Share 8 things about myself.
3) Pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered.
4) Leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition!


1. Hugs to all of you first off!!
I just LOVE all the people I have met through blog land. Even though I may
not know EACH AND EVERY ONE of you PERFECTLY well-I admire the talent out there SO much
and the truly amazing and beautiful people there really are. Much love to YOU!

2. K, I will share a smidgen about me know.

3. Oh wait that last one didn't count. So here...2. lol
I come from a large family you could say. I sure loved it though.
Mom Dad 1 sister and 5...yes 5 brothers. 3. I didn't really like that a whole lot growing up(the brothers)...well I did...:)
-I just wanted a sister sooo bad!! But yay!! I finally got one:) She is the youngest of us 7 kids.
Now it's perfect. Brothers are so much fun! And my sister and I are very close.

4. I love to sew.

5. Same with cooking/Baking. I love it!! But never appreciated the skills I ( COULD HAVE )l.o.l.
picked up more-at home-
growing up until (I NEEDED it) and got married.
Now it is a passion!

6. I nannied for almost 6 years before I got married too. And think it was one
of the most treasured experiences of my life. So much more than a job to me.
(Here is a pic of them.) If you would like to see!

7. I am obsessed with CREATING!
If I feel I need a boost...I know it's because I haven't had any time to create.

8. I also love the SUN. I grew up in Cali and moved here to BEAUTIFUL SNOWY UTAH-ugh...
at the beginning of my Junior year in High School. No I love it here...but prefer warm weather
and cannot WAIT to get out in some warmer weather here soon!!
Come Spring! :)

Now for 8 fabulous blogs
I would like to give this award to...
in no particular order:

Vicki's blog...It's A Stamp Thing

Maree's blog...Inky Moose

Tiffany's blog ...My crafty world

Ann's blog...Stampin Chic

Sabrina's blog...Little Miss Scrapalicious

Shelley's blog...Sweet Pea Stamped Art

Erica's blog...Pink Buckaroo Designs

Kimberly's blog...Stampin By The Sea

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Monday, February 7, 2011

BLISS Scrapbook Page

Bliss Scrapbook Page

This is a scrapbook page I designed for Stampin'Up! Regionals 2011 with the Celebration 2011 Stamp Set BLISS!
It is definitely one of my favorite ones in there...
and this just happens to be my favorite page too!
(-that I sent in to Sampin'Up! For Regionals.)

I like that it is clean but with enough going on to make it shabby and feminine.:)too!
I can't EVER seem to get enough feminine-and this flower trend that's going on ??
Yeah...I can't get enough of that either...

Of course it's always fun with you have a gorgeous model for your pictures too right?

Well almost all of the photos I used for the Artisan and these Regional samples...
were all from my amazing friend/cousin and extremely talented Photographer.
Mandi Nuttal.

I had mentioned how much inspiration I get from Photographers!!
I will be posting a few more samples, and every picture is my starting off point, and what
makes the whole process fun for me.
When scrapbooking...

I used the Bigz TASTEFUL TRIM XL die to cut out the
Springtime Vintage FABRIC!
I love mixing different textures!
And I love the little detail that our BASIC PEARLS add to projects too.
Super Fun!

I am so glad that we have such pretty fabrics now that coordinate perfectly with
all of our:

Ahh..makes it a breeze to work with:)

Well thanks for stopping by blog friends be sure to say hello from time to time
so I can come on over and see what you've been creating!

Ta Ta n
TOODLES! Angela!
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