Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Oh MY!!

Was CONVENTION 2011 a blast!!
I am so excited to share with you some fun projects I have made lately.

This cupcake has nothing to do with convention...but is just something I made that I
have been dying to share with y'all!

WHERE in the heck have I been ( some of you ) might ask!
And have asked me!!!
Ahh...I opened my own (high end couture hair accessory business) that has just
taken off...thus TAKEN UP MOST OF MY TIME.
Which is great! But unfortunately I have not been able to post much on my blog.
My little sweetie keeps me SO BUSY too, that I have just not been able to share on here.
As much as I would like to. :)

I am in such the STAMPIN'UP! mood-you could say...
well...I always am
but seeing all the beautiful projects and yes...we Convention go-ers gotta see
the NEW 2011 HOLIDAY mini catalog!!

And that ALWAYS gets me SUPER excited for projects for future events and
classes I will be holding!
To make fun homemade gifts for the holidays.
OH-do I LOVE our products! LOVE-LUV.

Well I also love our "SWEET STITCHES" fabric!
And so I was SUPER EXCITED to see it carried over into the NEW 2011-2012 Idea Book and Catalog!

I had this "cupcake pincushion" pattern from Sandi Hendersen
in my stash of patterns...and I've been dying to make it!
It is a super fun decoration I have added to my sewing/craft room.

I used all three fabrics that come in the SWEET STITCHES SU designer fabric.
A little scrap of
another fabric, and some, "chocolate chip" colored felt on the sides.
The stinkin C-U-T-E- pins on top
are (handmade) by an etsy seller...
And I got the felt from my favorite local quilt shop.
Material Girls/ South Jordan UT

Ahh...tell me what ya think!
If you were able to go-tell me how convention went!
Heck-tell me anything l.o.l. and just say hello peeps!!

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  1. How SWEET!!!! Love the cupcake pincushion!!! Sounds like Convention was a blast - Congrats on your new business!! Great job :)

  2. How are you selling your hair accessories--in a store or via the internet? I am ready to shop! Everything you create is magic ;0)

  3. So glad to see you posting here again! :-) (Would love to see some of your hair accessories!)

  4. Angela,
    I can't believe we never ran into each other at convention...I soooo wanted to meet you IRL. I would love to see your hair accessories...I can just bet they are fabulous!