Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank you! Stylish Blogger Award :)

Oh did it make my day to get on the computer today and see that I had received this award
2 amazingly creative people...

To ya girls!

Jayme's blog...Closet Stampin
Jamie's blog... Shabby Horse

here's whatcha do-I hear

When you receive this award you are to pay it forward and follow these rules:
1) Thank the person who gave the award and link it back to their blog.
2) Share 8 things about myself.
3) Pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered.
4) Leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition!


1. Hugs to all of you first off!!
I just LOVE all the people I have met through blog land. Even though I may
not know EACH AND EVERY ONE of you PERFECTLY well-I admire the talent out there SO much
and the truly amazing and beautiful people there really are. Much love to YOU!

2. K, I will share a smidgen about me know.

3. Oh wait that last one didn't count. So here...2. lol
I come from a large family you could say. I sure loved it though.
Mom Dad 1 sister and 5...yes 5 brothers. 3. I didn't really like that a whole lot growing up(the brothers)...well I did...:)
-I just wanted a sister sooo bad!! But yay!! I finally got one:) She is the youngest of us 7 kids.
Now it's perfect. Brothers are so much fun! And my sister and I are very close.

4. I love to sew.

5. Same with cooking/Baking. I love it!! But never appreciated the skills I ( COULD HAVE )l.o.l.
picked up more-at home-
growing up until (I NEEDED it) and got married.
Now it is a passion!

6. I nannied for almost 6 years before I got married too. And think it was one
of the most treasured experiences of my life. So much more than a job to me.
(Here is a pic of them.) If you would like to see!

7. I am obsessed with CREATING!
If I feel I need a boost...I know it's because I haven't had any time to create.

8. I also love the SUN. I grew up in Cali and moved here to BEAUTIFUL SNOWY UTAH-ugh...
at the beginning of my Junior year in High School. No I love it here...but prefer warm weather
and cannot WAIT to get out in some warmer weather here soon!!
Come Spring! :)

Now for 8 fabulous blogs
I would like to give this award to...
in no particular order:

Vicki's blog...It's A Stamp Thing

Maree's blog...Inky Moose

Tiffany's blog ...My crafty world

Ann's blog...Stampin Chic

Sabrina's blog...Little Miss Scrapalicious

Shelley's blog...Sweet Pea Stamped Art

Erica's blog...Pink Buckaroo Designs

Kimberly's blog...Stampin By The Sea

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  1. Aw...thank you Angela! How sweet of you to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to me! I will certainly pay it forward!

  2. You are just too sweet!!! Thanks for thinking of me and I am so flattered you think that highly of my work!

  3. Thanks so much Angela! I am so excited to receive this award from you I just love your work and am speechless that you think of my work in the same way. :-)

  4. I just posted about the award on my blog today.