Monday, February 7, 2011

BLISS Scrapbook Page

Bliss Scrapbook Page

This is a scrapbook page I designed for Stampin'Up! Regionals 2011 with the Celebration 2011 Stamp Set BLISS!
It is definitely one of my favorite ones in there...
and this just happens to be my favorite page too!
(-that I sent in to Sampin'Up! For Regionals.)

I like that it is clean but with enough going on to make it shabby and feminine.:)too!
I can't EVER seem to get enough feminine-and this flower trend that's going on ??
Yeah...I can't get enough of that either...

Of course it's always fun with you have a gorgeous model for your pictures too right?

Well almost all of the photos I used for the Artisan and these Regional samples...
were all from my amazing friend/cousin and extremely talented Photographer.
Mandi Nuttal.

I had mentioned how much inspiration I get from Photographers!!
I will be posting a few more samples, and every picture is my starting off point, and what
makes the whole process fun for me.
When scrapbooking...

I used the Bigz TASTEFUL TRIM XL die to cut out the
Springtime Vintage FABRIC!
I love mixing different textures!
And I love the little detail that our BASIC PEARLS add to projects too.
Super Fun!

I am so glad that we have such pretty fabrics now that coordinate perfectly with
all of our:

Ahh..makes it a breeze to work with:)

Well thanks for stopping by blog friends be sure to say hello from time to time
so I can come on over and see what you've been creating!

Ta Ta n
TOODLES! Angela!
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  1. Angie!!! All I can say is WOW!! Amazing. Love the flowers and the entire sweet page! Great job! :)

  2. that is great Ang, love the whole layout! PS - I had to make my blog private - if you want an invite email me and let me know which email to send the invite to :)

  3. LOVE your blog!!! I'd like to pass along the stylish blogger award to you because your site is beautiful! Check out the details here

  4. hi Angie! I'm also passing along the Stylish Blogger Award to you because I LOVE all your work. (I don't think you have to do the whole posting thing twice though.) You really deserve this award! See it at

  5. This is an absolutely fabulous scrapbook page! You are right...just the right amount of "shabbiness"! LOVE it!