Friday, July 30, 2010

Deadline Day!

Getting my projects done was a large tackle!
On a last minute decision to do it-and with a pretty new baby?
Good thing for naps and good husbands!!!
Those spare seconds flew and as I wrapped up all my entries and literally
kissed those babies good bye-I had only one hour before Stampin'Up closed.
(On deadline day.):/
I knew I still had to (atleast) get pics. Since we agree to not get our projects
So I was racing around my house falling over stuff grabbing things so fast,
running outside throwing my projects on random benches etc... trying to get
a "couple" decent pics of each thing!
Oh-and of corse the wind was blowing at tornado speeds and my projects
were blowing all over the darn place!
I managed...and raced in my car with
my 2 big boxes and handed them in to the front desk and looked at the time
and it was 10 minutes to five o clock!
Wheww... When I got back in my car I think I fainted from fatigue or fell asleep!
One or the other.
I called my husband and said "I'm back...Let's Celebrate!"

Winner or not...
What a challanging felt good.

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