Monday, October 11, 2010

So Sweet! Cherry On Top Award

Oh this totally brought a smile to my face! And made me happy.
To see that I got this award from a blog friend who's work I love and adore!

For this award, I need to share 3 things about myself
and then pass it on to 5 blogs.


I will make it hard on myself and not mention things Arts/n Crafts.

1. I am obsessed with holidays! Birthdays and Special Occasions.
I think I just love the excuse to spoil, do something fun, or carry out an old tradition.

2. I love to clean. I know strange. But man I stare for a while at a room I just cleaned and it's refreshing!!

3. I like health food. My friends all tease me about a drink I drink every day. They call it the swamp drink!
Hey...It's fully loaded with vitamins and nutrients-and yes it does taste nasty-but I don't care! :)
And don't worry...I do eat chocolate n stuff at times...but I really enjoy healthy foods.

OK, so I'm passing this award onto 5 very talented ladies:

Laura-A day in the life of the paper poppy

Stacey- Stacey's Stamping Stage

Jo-Stampin'n Stuff

Jamie-Shabby Horse

Monica-My many, many passions

Have a fabulous week bloggies!!

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  1. Thanks so much, Angela! This means so much coming from you!

  2. I'm so flattered! Thank so much, Angela!!!!

  3. Hi Angela, Thanks so much for the award and for stopping by my blog. So sorry I haven't had chance to update my blog lately, I've had too much going on in the SU! world so unfortunately it's taken a bit of a back seat. Hope to be back soon though.
    Take care,