Friday, January 14, 2011

Hot Cider Pouch Gifts

Hot Cider Pouch Gifts:

I finished these babies literally the week of Christmas...Whew!
These are what I made for Parents and Grandparents
of my husband and I

I love love love this idea and have used it time and time again!

I am kinda sentimental to this set and case from the occasions mini
2 years back...
Because here's my quick STAMPIN UP! STORY...

I ran across the famous and lovely Mary fish's site while browsing Crafting ideas.
And saw all of the SU products on her site!
I was like what in the heck is Stampin'Up? I love it!
Yes...I have killed all my friends who knew about it and didn't tell me cuz they thought
I KNEW!!!!
Anyway... I got on the site and contacted the closest demonstrator to me.
She sent me the 2009 Holiday Mini
and I was like what in the heck is everything I want all in one place for??
I couldn't' stop staring at the thing!

As I was making pages of my want list...
a couple months later I ran into a girl from my ward or church who happens to be....
Shanna Jensen
( Who is now one
of my best friends). An SU demo as well and my up line now :).

I was in the stamp isle in Hobby Lobby with a good friend and we were gettin stuff to make Valentines.
And Shanna came up to us and said you guys should totally come to my card club!
And there was no needing to talk me into it!
I was there and signed up to be a demo the next class!!

So this is the first stamp set I fell in love/and wanted

So... it will always be "spesh"...

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  1. I am so glad to see your Christmas projects. They have such a bright and cheery look--they are perfect. Where do your grandparents live in CA?