Monday, November 2, 2009

FALLCard Class

It's fall and such a beautiful time of year. I love the fall colors and let's not forget...the traditions gifts and goodies. For this class we will make all of the things shown here. A photo card to display that says "Greateful". You can scrap book, put on the fridge or just display some ware as shown. Some little gift tags you can wrap up a top a fresh loaf of bread or goodies-to give as gifts. We will also be making a fancy "Compliments"-(Compliments to the chef-that is!) card, which I think is lovely to give to the (Thanksgiving feast ultimate) chef, in my oppinion. "The season of friendship last forever" is on the card with the tree and leaves. All classes are pre-pay to hold a spot for you in class and all cardstock is cut scored and ready to assemble!! Space is limited for this particular class!! ( In other words :) I am only hosting one class.
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  1. hey, do you have a date/time/price yet? These are all so cute I for sure wanna come!